Improve leadership effectiveness with this supercharged 360 tool

Do the people in your organization have what it takes to be effective leaders? A 360 evaluation can help you find out.

363 For Leaders is based on a leadership model that was created using the best research on leadership. The tool helps the leader to understand how he appears to colleagues and subordinates.

How it works?

Featuring our exclusive CommentSmart selectable comments tool, it allows raters to choose from a curated list of key, research-selected comments. The result is more focused, balanced, and constructive feedback—feedback the leader can actually use, without the ego blows.

For detailed information on the tool, we recommend visiting the website of 363 For Leaders.

363 for Leaders helps leaders to

  • Understand their leadership style, competencies and behaviours
  • Discover how they carry out their leadership role
  • Discover how others view their style compared with how they see themselves
  • Understand the leadership behaviors employees want to see more, or less, of
  • Improve their overall leadership effectiveness

Big benefits

  • Clear action points and constructive usable feedback means instant results and change that sticks
  • Increased self-awareness in leaders and an understanding of what others need reduces confusion, politics & dysfunction
  • The stand-alone, easy to interpret reports to allow lasting change without the need for coaching
  • Our “three things you can focus on now” feature allows leaders to start putting their newfound knowledge to work immediately.

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