About Us

Our company

IPB Partners Ltd was established in 2005 when the principal area of activity as the market partner of DiSC was taken over from Inscape Baltic Ltd. We are an authorized partner of Everything DiSC (A Wiley Brand). We sell behaviour assessment and behavioural skills development methods that have been developed by Everything DiSC (A Wiley Brand) and adapted to the target markets by us. These methods help to discover, improve and apply personal behavioural skills.

We offer DiSC certifications and consultation, and we develop DiSC-based applications according to the target market demand. DiSC can be used to support all areas where human behaviour is of essence: human resource development from recruitment to outplacement – human resource assessment and selection, in-house training for new employees, teamwork, management, communication, conflict management, supervising, evaluation meetings, career planning, coaching etc.



Our target markets:

Our target markets include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. First DiSC methods were used in those markets as early as in 1997 and since then, over 100 000 people have used DiSC development tools to facilitate their personal development.

Our mission:

Our mission is to offer market-leading tools that are based on the best scientific basis and that have proved themselves in the worldwide market. The tools can be integrated with each other and are destined to assess individual's behaviour and develop behavioural skills, and we support their application through customer support, consultation and training.

Our vision:

We wish to become a partner to the companies of target markets and offer innovative and reliable solutions of human resource development since we believe that clients are not so much interested in the products but in solutions to the tasks or problems they are facing.

Our values:

  • Customer-centric approach - the solutions we offer have been created to give concrete results. We value customer satisfaction and investment efficiency.
  • Reliability - the assesment methods we offer have been verified by scientific research and valid on all target markets.
  • Benefits to individuals and organizations - understanding yourself and others better allows you to modify your behaviour and therefore have better results and overcome obstacles. We value personal growth and its benefits.