Everything DiSC Sales

Connect with customers, boost sales and increase the effectiveness of your salespeople

Everything DiSC® Sales’ profile improves your sales results by helping you understand your DiSC style, understand what your customer’s styles mean, and tailor your sales strategy to their needs.

Help your sales teams to

1 – Discover their DiSC selling style
Increase self-awareness and understanding of their own behavioural sales style

2 – Identify & understand customers buying styles
Understand the buying styles of different customers and how to read and identity the different styles

3 – Adapt their style to suit each customer’s needs
Learn how to adapt selling styles to connect in the best way to the customer, enhancing both sales and customer service

Key features

  • 25-page reports detailing selling style, motivations & how to adapt to customers buying styles
  • Clear & powerful strategies for improving customer relationships & boosting sales
  • Sales people receive personalised, practical actions to implement in their daily role
  • Free Customer Interaction Maps & Comparison Reports

What is it?

Designed to help salespeople read their customers’ styles and then adapt their styles to connect better – and close more sales.

Who uses it?

It can be used by current salespeople to help hone their craft or by future salespeople to help with training.

Why use it?

  • Discover your DiSC sales style
  • Recognize and understand customer buying styles
  • Adapt your sales style to your customer’s buying style