Our experienced consultants can be used to develop and deliver a customized training program for your organization.

Our consultants have the right knowledge, experience, and resources to help you align training with your organization’s strategy. We’ve developed very different development programs that use world-class methods as a foundation for improving specific areas such as management, sales, teamwork, etc.

We work with organizations of all sizes – from large Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial enterprises – to empower their people to drive business strategies and innovation.


In addition to your personal DiSC report, you will have a DiSC specialist interpret the results and give you a fuller understanding of the nuances of your report.

Alternatively to getting DiSC certified and the proper knowledge and skills to use DiSC yourself, we also offer the option to order a full service from us – we’ll send out the profiles to the participants, give them feedback, and make a summary report for you.



L. Ratassepp

Sales Manager
"My DiSC profile was so accurate. It was like reading a book about myself that was produced in just 10 minutes. Amazing!"

P. Nigul

HR Manager
"Hilti Group uses DiSC® in their own organizations world-wide for already a very long time. DiSC is part of our company's basic training. As Hilti is a sales organization, we teach entire sales teams to use DiSC and determine client’s behavioral styles – all for having customer relationships that are smoother, less volatile, and more beneficial to both sides."

K. Kuuskmann

Business consultant
"We have noted that after IPB's training programs we have so many new ideas and opportunities which we can immediately start to implement - both in our own as well as our client's teams."

T. Käsi

Head of HR Group Functions
"We have used different DiSC profiles across Nordea Bank's international offices, both as a recruitment tool and for developing people and teams. It always works! Very often it happens that after participating in a meaningful DiSC training the involved high-level executives start to use DiSC as a development tool for their entire unit."

TMD Partners

Senior consultant
"As a training company we use DiSC to offer our clients solutions that suit their needs the best, being it a topic of leadership, negotiations, sales, emotional competency or collaboration. We are always happy to use DiSC to strengthen communication skills, build leadership abilities, solve interpersonal conflicts, boost team performance and increase sales productivity."

G. Bengu

Talent Development Leader
"We have used the very practical and helpful DiSC tools for our leadership, team building and competency based trainings over the last 5 years. It has helped us to better understand ourselves and take development actions accordingly."