Case study: Personalising Banking








The Mission

The largest private bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with one in every two UAE households banking with them, is admired for the radical transformation that it has gone through in terms of structure, culture, values and strategic direction. When this bank required assistance in implementing their ‘Our People’ employee-centric strategy, they brought in Global Management Consultants (Global).

Global’s role was to develop and train over 400 back-end operations staff (comprising of junior level staff to managerial personnel) in a High Impact Customer Relationship Workshop. This would create a fundamental shift in the strategy from customer centric to the ‘Our People’ centric strategy.

As the staff at back-end operations may not necessarily be customer facing or client interfacing, the mandate of Global was to bridge that gap and build a customer value chain from back end operations to frontline officers.

What Global Did

Over 400 people went through the Customer Service workshop and completed their DiSC® Classic 2.0 profile. At the end of the workshop, delegates were nominated as ‘Champions’ based on their leadership ability to influence and take the training forward by ensuring its implemented in the workplace.

The process involved 2 days of intensive Customer Service training with Global’s team. In addition, the bank’s own trainers were trained to deliver and manage this same program internally. Global used DiSC® as   an integral development tool during the training: the DiSC® Classic 2.0 report was used as a coaching tool during the training. Each delegate received a 40 minute one-on-one session with the consultant/trainer about his/her strengths and how to use them to his/her advantage at work.

The sessions gave participants insight about their reactions to different situations, depending on their profile. The discussion was then related to their perceived challenges. These sessions were designed to help identify areas of behavioral improvements not just at work, but also in their personal lives. Most importantly, use of the profile enabled them to understand themselves and by default understand the behavioral tendencies of their colleagues to foster a more positive work environment.

The Results

The program was an overwhelming success. Global’s in-depth use of    DiSC® meant that delegates in the workshop were not just able to learn Customer Service skills, but they also acquired a deeper understanding of their emotions and behaviors at work. This in turn gave them clarity of the consequences of their behaviors and attitudes at work, especially in a customer service environment.

Positive feedback has been given at all levels of the organization:

  • “Thank you for understanding our requirements and becoming a big hit with the entire team both at the grassroots level of the organization and with the Senior Management positions.”
  • “I wanted to express my thanks for the extra effort you put towards us during the training… it is people like you who make our world a better place, simply by taking the extra time it takes to ensure that all are comfortable with the content and understand as well.”

This workshop managed to block employee attrition and also served as a motivational avenue to bring pride back to the people working in this organization.

Based on Global’s implementation of DiSC and proven success of the tool, it was decided by the bank that the usage of DiSC shall be continued as part of their Developmental Programs.