New DiSC assessment launched!

We are excited to announce that the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile has been launched in October. 

This new solution will help DiSC® learners effectively respond to the uncomfortable and inevitable challenges of workplace conflict. Designed to help curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become productive, the program ultimately improves workplace relationships and business results.

Games and Activities with DiSC Cards

Are you using DiSC card games yet?

We want to bring your attention to the fact that there are three different DiSC card decks which you can use for several games, activities and exercises.

We highly recommend these for a more interactive learning experience and for strengthening DiSC knowledge.

Big news from Wiley's business meeting

Wiley's annual international business meeting took place on October 23-24 in sunny Barcelona.

This years meeting attracted around 60 DiSC international partners from over 20 countries.

The biggest news for IPB Partners and our clients is that Wiley has decided about their product development strategy in smaller markets.

Using DiSC in education sector

We have all heard great success stories from the business world on how DiSC method has been very effective. This has ensured the growing popularity of DiSC solutions being used in both the production -and service-based businesses, and also in recruitment, training and management activities.

12 DiSC Style Podcasts

Listen to podcasts by Dr Mark Scullard, who is Wiley's Director of Research and in these 1-hour long podcasts he discusses in depth about each DiSC style.
(click on the link to start listening)

Pinterest DiSC exercise

Show DiSC style images and quotes from the Pinterest pages below. Ask people to review the images of their style(s) and discuss with others which images resonate with them and which ones don’t.

Welcome on board WIN Partners!

We are happy to introduce you to our new local partner in Latvia - WIN Partners!

After going through our DiSC Certification training, their training and sales teams are now certified users of DiSC.

Your team culture

Understanding a team's cultural style can help with working with a certain team. Every team does things differently, has its own strengths and challenges. The personalities of the members and the personality of its leader, the type of work the team does, and the cohesiveness of the team all influence the team's culture.

The team, in effect, has its own personality, it's own pressures to behave in certain ways and to prioritize particular behaviors. Most team members will likely feel comfortable with the group's culture, but others may feel like they're in a foreign environment if their own DiSC style differs considerably from the group's.

Good reads vol 3 recently published Everything DiSC Manual, which is a good summary of the research behind DiSC methodology. We offer you a chance to read part of this book here. Read the section about History of DiSC.

Explore how to bring out the best in employees of each style! Wiley's DiSC certified trainer brings out the best for each style in her posts that were recently published in Association for Talent Development:

DiSC Distribution by Styles

What are the most common DiSC styles?

DiSC Infographic

Brand new case study: Influencing Change in organization

A new case study is out! Check out "Team Building and Group Dynamic" in the May issue of TD magazine. This study examines how the Microsoft Business Solutions group has implemented Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to build and strengthen their dynamic and international team.

Promotion: 10 credits off of Everything DiSC tools

Give your DiSC Classic and sleeping clients the opportunity to experience the full benefit of Everything DiSC solutions. From June 22, 2015 through October 31, 2016, we have a Leap Forward Program. Anyone who has a completed DiSC Classic profile in your EPIC account can take an Everything DiSC profile at a special reduced cost - 10 credits off Everything DiSC Workplace®, Work of Leaders, Management or Sales!

DiSC online certification

Additionally to the classroom training, it's from this year possible to get DiSC certificate by participating in an online certification training by Wiley's professional trainers. They offer Everything DiSC Workplace and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team certifications through interactive online platform.

Case study: Influencing Change in organization

Improving employee relations and establishing a common identity through influencing skills.

The Mission and the Challenges

The Italian division of Alcatel Lucent, a leading telecommunications company was carrying out a range of organizational changes. These changes varied from acquisitions and mergers through to making important changes within its organization.

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