Your team culture

Understanding a team's cultural style can help with working with a certain team. Every team does things differently, has its own strengths and challenges. The personalities of the members and the personality of its leader, the type of work the team does, and the cohesiveness of the team all influence the team's culture.

The team, in effect, has its own personality, it's own pressures to behave in certain ways and to prioritize particular behaviors. Most team members will likely feel comfortable with the group's culture, but others may feel like they're in a foreign environment if their own DiSC style differs considerably from the group's.

New team development program

Who hasn't heard yet - we have launched a new team development program The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team which is an assessment-based program that helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible. Learn more from our renewed website.

Why teamwork often fails?

Teamwork, and how to influence it, has historically been one of the favorite topics of people interested in leadership and social psychology. Stable teams, who have learned working together for a long time, can be very powerful tools in the business or political world. Unfortunately, however, the rapid changes of today’s world, the intense competition, and unpredictable customer expectations, don’t any longer allow or support the formation of such teams. On the contrary, organizations are increasingly forced to put together short-term and randomly selected units that operate together only as long as the task is finished. It can also be that one employee belongs into several different teams, all with a different duration, strategy and working atmosphere.

Case study: Team Works at school!

The Mission

At a Secondary School in Singapore, there was a need to form ad-hoc, non-academic project teams for various events and initiatives. The school’s leadership wanted to know how to form more effective and efficient teams so as to maximize manpower resources.

They contacted Authorized Partner OTi Consulting (OTi), to address this issue.