Your team culture

Understanding a team's cultural style can help with working with a certain team. Every team does things differently, has its own strengths and challenges. The personalities of the members and the personality of its leader, the type of work the team does, and the cohesiveness of the team all influence the team's culture.

The team, in effect, has its own personality, it's own pressures to behave in certain ways and to prioritize particular behaviors. Most team members will likely feel comfortable with the group's culture, but others may feel like they're in a foreign environment if their own DiSC style differs considerably from the group's.

New Lencioni book: The Ideal Team Player

In his classic, best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni laid out a groundbreaking new approach for attacking the dangerous group behaviors that destroy teamwork. In his new book, he turns his focus to the individual member of a team, revealing the three indispensable virtues that make some people better team players than others.

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Client survey summary

Some key numbers from our 2015 DiSC certifiied client survey:

 - 90% of the respondents have received excellent client feedback on DiSC products
 - 80% have high opinion on the quality of assessment tools

 - 60% believe that the main obstacle in the market is price

 - 45% believe that their DiSC use will increase
 - 55% believe that their DiSC use remains stable
 - 0% believe that their DiSC use decreases

Good reads vol 3 recently published Everything DiSC Manual, which is a good summary of the research behind DiSC methodology. We offer you a chance to read part of this book here. Read the section about History of DiSC.

Explore how to bring out the best in employees of each style! Wiley's DiSC certified trainer brings out the best for each style in her posts that were recently published in Association for Talent Development:

DiSC Distribution by Styles

What are the most common DiSC styles?

DiSC Infographic