Big news from Wiley's business meeting

Wiley's annual international business meeting took place on October 23-24 in sunny Barcelona.

This years meeting attracted around 60 DiSC international partners from over 20 countries.

The biggest news for IPB Partners and our clients is that Wiley has decided about their product development strategy in smaller markets.

They are in the last stages of developing in-house PTC translation system, which enables to translate products to different languages much faster and effective. It's planned to open the system up for two pilot translations in the first half of 2018. Partners was offered to participate in the pilot project and, together with the Dutch language, we will be able to translate, localize and validate the Everything DiSC Workplace to Estonian market.

So we are pretty confident to say that next year we are going to have a new DiSC profile available in Estonian!

It's a big thing as we have waited for this new innovative DiSC solution here for several years. After the pilot is successful, we will hopefully be able to launch the product in the same manner also in Lithuanian and Latvian.

We will definitely keep all of you updated about these opportunities along the way. Fingers crossed for this pilot becoming a success and getting these new DiSC solutions to our markets!

The second big news was the launch of a first new Everything DiSC tool in 6 years - Everything DiSC Productive Conflict. Read more about the new product here.