Using DiSC in education sector

We have all heard great success stories from the business world on how DiSC method has been very effective. This has ensured the growing popularity of DiSC solutions being used in both the production -and service-based businesses, and also in recruitment, training and management activities.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on how to use DiSC applications in the academic context. I assume that every good teacher is interested in getting all their students to participate to the fullest, as well as being dedicated, motivated and effective in teamwork and individual work.

All sorts of different strategies are used for that aim - experiential learning, all kinds of innovative learning techniques, and e-learning solutions. However, these methods often do not sufficiently take into account each student's individual characteristics and behavioral tendencies.

Therefore, it was a pleasure to find an intriguing article that emphasizes the need for a coaching-based approach to teaching which takes student's individuality into account, and demonstrates the ultimate effectiveness of the DiSC methodology in this process.

Jason Fertig and Chad Milewicz (Enhancing classroom performance with the DiSC personality profile, 2016) refer in their article the need to use valid and easy-to-implement and -interpret personal assessment instruments for more effective learning. They refer to a study where three such assessments were used - Myers-Briggs Indicator (MBTI), The Big Five Personality Traits, and the DiSC profile.

Research revealed that DiSC profile was the easiest to implement to the learning process, and DiSC proved also to be the most effective in teaching better teamwork. Using DiSC profiles also allowed more accurately to assess the strengths and needs of both the individual and the team, and to be more mindful of those in the learning process.

According to the authors, using the DiSC method and profiles already at the very beginning of the studies helps to better structure the learning materials, manage discussions and provide suitable individual counseling. They see DiSC profile as a great tool that can be effectively implemented in the context of the classroom, both for the teachers' and students' benefit.

In Finland, DiSC has been successfully used in the education sector already for many years. Most major colleges and universities in Finland have included DiSC in their study programs. A good example is Haaga-Helia University, where it has been an integral tool in various bachelor and master programs already for 10 years. DiSC assessment is done at the beginning of the studies so that the knowledge could be applied in communication and decision-making throughout the whole study period.

Now for the first time, IPB Partners together with
Change Partners also offers a DiSC program for the education sector in the Baltics.

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