Isiklik kutse Sulle meistriklassis osalemiseks teemal "Becoming a Charismatic & Engaging Leader" Partners kutsub sind osalema varsti toimuvas huvitavas online meistriklassis. Osalemine on TASUTA, sest üritust sponsoreerib Profiles International (a Wiley brand). Loe edasi ingliskeelsest kutsest: 
On July 8th, author of the bestselling book ‘Leadership Charisma’, Deiric McCann, will host an intensive 60-minute session entitled ‘Becoming a Charismatic and Engaging Leader’ - talking about how leaders can become more engaging, inspiring and charismatic – and get better bottom-line results from engaging their people more.

You may already have seen Deiric speak – if so, then you’ll know that he’s an energetic and knowledgeable speaker who always does a great job in these events.

When you sign up for the masterclass you’ll receive a copy of an entirely new 8-page report, especially prepared by Deiric for attendees at this event – ‘2Secrets That Will Make You a More Charismatic Leader’ will be delivered into your email the instant you subscribe.

On the morning of the event Deiric will mail you a specially prepared workbook for the session – so that you can capture all of the great ideas he’s going to share with you in this information packed 60 minutes.

Finally, for those who attend on the day there will be a special FREE bonus that will not otherwise be available – Deiric will talk about this more on July 8th. Believe me, if you’re there at the end of this session you’ll be very happy indeed!

This event will be very popular and places are limited by the number the online service can accommodate. So, if you’re interested, RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW

You can get more information, and sign up to reserve your place, by clicking on this link.

Let me ask you one favour: when you reserve your place, please put IPB Partners into the “Who Referred You? field”

We really recommend this session to anyone interested in leadership, productivity or employee engagement!