Interpretation of DiSC Results – Rafael (CS Style)

At its core, the DiSC® model is designed to be simple to understand and easy to remember. The respondent needs to be able to leave a DiSC experience with clear, simple principles that can be understood and applied in the real world. However, every model and assessment tool is only a simplification of real life. Real life and real people are always much more colorful and diverse, therefore, interpreting anyone’s DiSC results is always a process best done together with the learner.

That is why we now present the second of our 4 hypothetical case studies designed to:

  • illustrate the relationship between profile results and real-life behavior
  • model the appropriate interpretation of profile results

Note that these cases include specific characteristics that should not necessarily be generalized to every person sharing a particular style. These are simply one possible manifestation of that DiSC style.

The case study presented here includes the individual’s Everything DiSC map, but also an umbrella graph that shows the person’s scores on the eight DiSC scales and can give a practitioner additional insight into the respondent’s DiSC style. These umbrella graphs are not included in the respondent’s Everything DiSC profile but are available in the Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators.


Rafael: CS Style

Rafael is a 48-year-old insurance claims specialist. He has worked at the same company for the past 9 years and in the same position for the last 6 years. He consistently receives positive reviews on his performance evaluations, and he is regarded as professional and competent by both clients and colleagues. His coworkers see him as the “go-to guy” for answers when they get stuck, and his manager enjoys the fact that she has to spend very little time supervising him. Despite his clear expertise and follow-through, however, Rafael has been passed up for promotion three times; twice these promotions went to colleagues with less seniority and skill than him. In addition, some coworkers feel that he can be unrealistically rigid about procedures. Although he doesn’t force these views on others, they can slow down his team’s progress.

The assessment indicates that Rafael has a CS style, with a strong inclination (see Figure 8.6). Further, his umbrella graph indicates that his pattern of DiSC scale scores is consistent with a strong CS style (see Figure 8.7). That is, he received very high scores on the C, CS, and S scales, moderate scores on the iS and CD scales, and very low scores on the D, Di, and i scales. This profile is associated with someone who is modest, self-controlled, and systematic. Like others with this style, Rafael places a particularly strong priority on stability and accuracy. He takes steps to create a predictable environment for himself and may be overly wedded to systems and routines that provide comfort for him. He has a strong task orientation but is not challenging or argumentative with his colleagues when he disagrees with them. This is largely reflected by his middling placement on the horizontal dimension of the Everything DiSC map (skeptical to accepting), but also by his lower placement on the vertical pace dimension (moderate-paced to fast-paced).

Also consistent with his lower placement on the pace dimension is a relatively passive disposition. He is not highly assertive and does not feel comfortable self-promoting. Likewise, he comes across as soft-spoken and avoids the limelight. As a result, his contributions can be overlooked, and he may not come to mind when the organization’s leadership is trying to identify its high-potential employees.

What else do you read out from his DiSC result? What would you like to ask Rafael if you would be his coach/trainer/manager?


Reference: Everything DiSC Manual (Scullard, Baum 2015)

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