Cornerstone Principles of the DiSC Model

Sometimes people ask if there is the best DiSC style.

There is no perfect DiSC style. Since each person has a unique behavioral profile, people are walking around all over the world with different styles and priorities. We believe that these differences are extremely valuable. Once you assess these differences and harness the value, you’ll have better workplace communication AND a healthier organization.

When using DiSC, it is worth remembering these basics:
  • All DiSC styles and priorities are equally valuable, and everyone is a blend of all styles
  • DiSC is not about labeling people or putting them in boxes. Actually, it’s the opposite – to get them out of their box and increase their behavioral amplitude
  • Your DiSC style is mostly inborn but is also influenced by other factors such as life experiences, education and maturity
  • Understanding yourself better is the first step to becoming more effective when working with others
  • Learning about other people’s DiSC styles can help you understand their priorities and how they may differ from your own
  • You can improve the quality of your life by using DiSC to build more effective relationships in your workplace, with your clients, and in your personal life
Understanding these principles is very important if you are to get the most out of the reports.

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