DiSC vs. Insights, CliftonStrengths, Predictive Index, and MBTI

Curious as to how various assessments compare?

So, you’re looking for an assessment-based learning experience, but there are hundreds of options! What are they? And how do you choose the right one for your organization?
Spending time answering these questions is critical to achieving your desired result. Why? Because the most well-known assessments on the market differ in many foundational ways—some are optimized for self-insight while others are for hiring. Some are designed to be simple, while others are more complex. Some prioritize reliability and validity while others do not. Selecting the right assessment depends on your understanding of your organization’s needs AND the different dynamics of each offering.
To help you get started, we’ve created a summary of five well-known assessment-based learning experiences. You’ll discover each assessment’s purpose, level of complexity, foundational model, research approach, details around the broader learning experience, and more. Because, when it comes to investing in your greatest asset—your people—you can’t afford to go wrong.

A Comparative Summary

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