10 ways to keep the principles of DiSC® alive in your organization


Keeping the principles of DiSC® active and relevant in an organization can be challenging, but it’s crucial for fostering a culture of communication and understanding. Here are some strategies to ensure that DiSC remains a vibrant and integral part of your workplace.

1. Regular Refreshers

Encourage teams to regularly revisit DiSC concepts. Short, frequent discussions about DiSC can help keep the principles fresh in everyone’s mind.

2. Integrating DiSC with Existing Processes

Incorporate DiSC into your existing business practices. For instance, during meetings or team-building activities, remind participants of their DiSC styles and how these can influence group dynamics.

3. Leadership Endorsement

Have your leaders set an example by consistently applying DiSC in their management approach and decision-making processes. Leadership’s commitment to DiSC can inspire the entire organization to follow suit.

4. New Employee Orientation

Introduce DiSC early by incorporating it into onboarding programs for new hires. This can help new employees understand the communication styles of their colleagues from the start.

5. DiSC® Profiles Display

Encourage employees to display their DiSC style somewhere visible, like on their desk, office door or any social platform. This acts as a constant reminder of the diverse communication styles within the team.

6. Apply DiSC in Conflict Resolution

Utilize DiSC to navigate and resolve conflicts by understanding the different motivations and fears of the conflicting parties.

7. DiSC Champions

Designate DiSC champions within your organization who are passionate about the framework and can promote its use in various departments. Consider sending at least one member of a team to the DiSC® Certification program to get further expertise and increase the value your organization gets from DiSC.

8. Tailored Communication

Use DiSC to tailor communication strategies within your team, ensuring messages resonate with the diverse styles of the group.

9. Performance Reviews

Incorporate DiSC into performance reviews to discuss how an employee’s style has influenced their performance, both positively and negatively.

10. Continuous Learning

Keep the learning alive by providing ongoing training and development opportunities related to DiSC. Check some tips on how to continue the journey with DiSC.

By implementing these strategies, you can maintain the relevance and effectiveness of DiSC® in your organization, fostering a more harmonious and productive workplace and getting a better return on investment from the DiSC profiles.


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