DiSC Styles and Selling Confidence

What DiSC behavioral characteristics best describe individuals who have an ability to sell? Who has the least confidence in their selling skills?

In exploring the connection between DiSC behavioral characteristics and selling ability, a small US study by Keller Center for Research focused on professionals in the residential real estate sector. They sought to understand which DiSC traits align with strong selling skills and which indicate a lack of confidence in these abilities.

Identifying Sales Confidence through DiSC

Confidence in selling is often linked to certain behavioral traits. Individuals who are self-assured, persuasive, competitive, and decisive tend to believe in their selling abilities. They are adept at understanding and influencing others, and they handle sales pressure well.

Traits Indicative of Selling Skills

Our study identified ten key DiSC traits associated with sales confidence. The majority of these traits fall under the Dominance and Influence categories. They include being very sure of oneself, enjoying competition, being a risk-taker, self-confident, convincing, and assertive. These traits are valuable indicators for hiring practices in sales roles. The Top 10 DiSC behaviors most related to selling confidence are displayed in order:

Lack of Confidence in Selling

Conversely, we identified traits that have a negative correlation with sales confidence. These traits are primarily related to the Steadiness and Compliance dimensions. Traits like being moderate, modest, calm, cautious, and sensitive are less associated with selling confidence. Our findings also confirm that administrative staff typically exhibit higher levels of Steadiness and Compliance traits.

Who Excels in Sales?

This research shows that those with high levels of Dominance and Influence traits are more likely to be top sales performers. However, it’s important to note that individuals with high Steadiness and Compliance traits can also excel in sales, though they might not be the typical top performers. The combination of an individual’s dominant behavioral traits plays a crucial role in their sales performance.

Top Sales Performers

D: 64.9% of High D’s are top sales performers

i: 58.2% of High i’s are top sales performers

S: 41.7% of High S’s are top sales performers

C: 28.0% of High C’s are top sales performers


The study reveals that certain DiSC traits are strong predictors of selling confidence, which in turn translates into sales performance. Recognizing these traits can help in identifying potential top sales agents and tailoring hiring processes accordingly.

However, it’s important to take into account that no DiSC style guarantees higher selling ability as this depends on several other factors besides a behavioral style. Also, any style can be successful in selling if they

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