Webinar: The Invisible Drain on Organizational Culture

Here’s a hard business truth: no workplace is free of the ravages of distrust. Anyone who’s ever held a job knows the frustrations that emerge when coworkers don’t trust each other – the miscommunications, rivalries, inefficiencies, morale problems, and turnover that in the end distract people from their work and make life stressful. And ultimately, research shows, costs money.

Dr. Mark Scullard, a Ph.D. psychologist who serves as senior director of product innovation for Wiley, has studied distrust in the workplace and found its source: individual insecurity. It’s not insecurity itself that’s the problem, though; it’s our drive to cover it up.

This webinar recording offers you a deeper dive into:

– What insecurity looks like in the workplace
– How DiSC® can help us understand the hidden psychological factors that drive our insecurities
– What you can do to address insecurity’s drain on your company culture

Watch the webinar here:


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