Schneider Electric – Developing teamwork skills and creating an inclusive work culture with DiSC

Schneider Electric is a global organization that offers digital energy management and automation solutions and technologies to achieve efficiency and sustainability.

They operate in more than a hundred countries and have 135 000 employees worldwide.

Below is a brief summary of their experience with DiSC.


They wanted to develop teamwork skills and create an even more inclusive work culture. In the conditions of remote work, where there is less face-to-face communication, DiSC helps to understand each other faster and build better connections. They decided to offer DiSC assessment and training to all employees - in all three Baltic countries across all departments.

DiSC allows managers to better understand their teams and team members to communicate more effectively. When forming new project teams or working groups, DiSC gives the opportunity to base cooperation on understanding each other's differences and taking them into account right from the start.


First, they introduced DiSC to each team during an internal training and discussed what team profiling means in terms of communication and collaboration. After that, employees continued to use DiSC on their own - there were meetings between managers and subordinates and between team members, where they agreed on how to communicate with each other more effectively. Everything DiSC® Catalyst provides a good opportunity to compare your DiSC styles - to find synergies and get tips on how to deal with possible bottlenecks.


"Employees really appreciate that they have a tool that gives them the opportunity to better understand themselves and find out how others perceive them. DiSC allows employees to share detailed feedback and talk about communication problems - cooperation is more open and they find the right approach to each other faster. They really like that DiSC helps them both in their work and private life."

- Signe Saks, HR Business Partner Baltics

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