Magnetic Group – enhancing leadership effectiveness and fostering a positive organizational culture

Magnetic Group keeps the aviation business running with its suite of products for airlines, MROs, manufacturers, and asset owners. Its business is divided into four distinctive sectors: Magnetic Creative provides design and manufacturing services for both aircraft interior and exterior. Magnetic Assets provides aircraft with engines, landing gears for lease, engine transportation stands, and spare parts and components solutions. Magnetic Maintenance provides aircraft line maintenance, base maintenance, and aircraft engine repair and management. Magnetic Talents offers a full range of engineering and CAMO services, together with various industry-related EASA Part-147 trainings.

Headquartered in Estonia and spread across multiple locations worldwide, they have a dedicated team of 700+ professionals.


The journey with DiSC began with a clear mission—to improve interpersonal relationships, communication, and teamwork in various settings. Let's take a closer look at how Magnetic MRO integrated DiSC into their organization's internal trainings.

Magnetic Group's goals for their internal trainings were:

Goal #1: Enhancing Self-Awareness

Magnetic Group recognized the value of self-awareness and sought to help participants understand their own behavioral preferences and tendencies. This deeper understanding empowered individuals to navigate their professional and personal lives more effectively.

Goal #2: Improving Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital in any organization. Magnetic Group embraced DiSC to adapt participants' communication approaches, enabling them to engage with individuals of different DiSC styles more effectively. The result was smoother and more efficient communication.

Goal #3: Strengthening Team Dynamics

Teamwork is the backbone of success. By utilizing DiSC, Magnetic Group fostered understanding, appreciation, and collaboration among team members. This strengthened their team dynamics and propelled their organization forward.

Goal #4: Developing Effective Leadership

Leadership plays a crucial role in driving organizational growth. Magnetic Group equipped their C-level executives with the tools and insights to adapt their leadership approach, leading to stronger relationships and improved leadership effectiveness.

Goal #5: Resolving Conflicts and Problem-solving

Conflicts are a part of any workplace. Magnetic Group provided participants with strategies to navigate conflicts and challenges arising from differences in DiSC styles. This promoted a more harmonious and productive work environment.

What they did

To bring the power of DiSC assessments to life, Magnetic Group conducted internal trainings using the Everything DiSC Catalyst® learning platform. They also ensured that their own consultant underwent the DiSC® Certification program, guaranteeing expertise and quality.

The initial focus was on their C-level executives, who faced unique communication and leadership challenges. Tailored training sessions helped these high-level leaders understand their own personality types, leverage their strengths, and adapt their communication styles to connect effectively with diverse personalities. The goal? To enhance their leadership effectiveness and cultivate a positive organizational culture.

Recognizing the value of spreading DiSC knowledge throughout the organization, Magnetic Group extended the program to lower levels. However, the content was thoughtfully customized to meet the specific needs and roles of participants at each hierarchical level. This ensured that the training addressed the communication dynamics and teamwork requirements specific to each level, fostering collaboration and growth throughout the organization.

With DiSC as their compass, Magnetic Group empowered its leaders to navigate the intricacies of communication, develop effective leadership skills, and nurture a harmonious work environment.

Results & feedback

Overall, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants praised the program's value, describing it as a transformative experience that provided actionable insights and practical skills. Leaders, armed with a deep understanding of their own styles and those of their team members, witnessed improved leadership skills and enhanced team performance.

Leaders, by understanding their own leadership style and the styles of their team members, were able to adapt their approach, delegate tasks effectively, and build stronger relationships with their team. This resulted in improved leadership skills and better overall team performance.

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