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Success Story: Transforming internal leadership program with DiSC


Lithuania‘s location has throughout its history always made it one of the main transportation hubs in Europe and thus played a huge part in the country’s economy. Girteka Logistics is the largest asset-based transport company in Europe with over 24,500 employees. They are constantly growing and their employees‘ careers grow with them: as many as 77% of the company’s managers have made a career within the company.

In recent years they have found big success with their internal training program, "My Leadership Journey." Aimed at nurturing first-time managers, the program focuses on the critical transition from individual contributors to leaders managing teams. Emphasizing self-awareness and diversity, Girteka has found an indispensable ally in the DiSC personality tool, enhancing the effectiveness of this transformative program.


Program Highlights

  • A module on Managing Diversity and Motivation: At the heart of the program is the module that utilizes DiSC for understanding and managing different personalities, crucial for effective leadership.
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: DiSC assessments, coupled with 3 hours of insightful feedback, have become the program’s highlight and are widely appreciated by the learners.
  • Strategic Placement of DiSC Module: Moving DiSC to the last module of the program proved beneficial, as participants are more open and receptive towards the end of the training program, creating a safe environment for honest discussions.

    Impactful Outcomes

  • Increased Self-Understanding: Participants expressed that the DiSC module was "the best and most interesting," offering profound insights into their behavior and personality.
  • Managerial Self-Acceptance: Feedback from learners indicates a noticeable transformation. Managers have developed a deeper understanding and acceptance of their unique perceptions and leadership styles.
  • Cultural and Personal Diversity Management: The program has notably enhanced managers' abilities to operate effectively in diverse contexts and manage different personality types, expanding the open area in their Johari window.

    The DiSC Difference

    Initially employing DiSC Classic® profiles as part of the program, Girteka recently upgraded to Everything DiSC®, finding it more user-friendly and practical with its additional report options (ie the Comparison and Supplemental reports). DiSC profiles have been instrumental in reinforcing key messages of the program and fostering deeper self-awareness among participants.


    Follow-Up and Continuity

    While "My Leadership Journey" program is a one-off experience, Girteka ensures ongoing development through opportunities for the same managers to engage in discussions focused on their development goals. As a next potential step, continuing with DiSC to develop the managerial/leadership aspect (ie Everything DiSC Management profile) might be a valuable option.



    "My Leadership Journey," with its strategic incorporation of the DiSC tool, stands as a testament to Girteka's commitment to developing insightful, self-aware, and diverse leaders.


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